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Davenant International

The work of Davenant International (2005-2006)

Reverend Ralph Davenant
The Vision
The work of Davenant International (2005-2006)
DI Rock Concert March 2007
Visiting DEFRA February 2007
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Speakers from South Asia address a Davenant International meeting

Davenant International was set up the in summer of 2005 as a result of the students wanting to know more about global issues and wanting to make a difference. It started as a project of the RE Department at the school  however it is now a whole school initiative.

Students from Davenant International have been exploring the global dimension to the curriculum - through eight concepts:

Global Citizenship

Conflict Resolution

Social Justice

Values and Perceptions

Sustainable Development


Human Rights


They have examined issues like the tsunami disaster of 2004, aids, poverty and the chernobyl disaster.

Amateur camcorder pictures of the tsunami hitting Sri Lanka

Davenant International meeting on the Children of Chernobyl

As a result of the Davenant International meeting a group of parents got together to host some children from Chernobyl. Students of Davenant International also met with the Governor of the tsunami-hit Southern Province of Sri Lanka Mr.Kingsley Wickramaratne. The Governor is a Special Advisor to the President of Sri Lanka. The meeting was hosted by the Deputy High Commissioner at the Sri Lanka High Commission in London. Dominic Conway, Adam Redpath, Sam Johnson, Jean Paul Sikking, Michelle Farrow, Rachael Lee, Mandi Prinsloo met the Governor and asked him questions about the tsunami which devastated parts of Sri Lanka on 26th December 2004. Students of Davenant Foundation School raised a substantial amount of money in aid of the tsunami fund organised by the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) in 2005. The Sri Lankan Governor thanked the school for their fundraising efforts and he gave them an uptodate report on the towns and villages being re-built after the tsunami.

Sri Lankan Governor Kingsley Wickramaratne with the Davenant International Delegation in London

The  Group organised the first ever 'Davenant International Charity Rock Concert held on Friday 21st October 2005 in the main hall at the school in Loughton. They raised 800 in aid of Christian Aid, Worldvision, CAFOD and Jewish Care. Five school rock groups participated in this successful fundraiser at Davenant Foundation School.

Charity Rock Concert

Five school rock groups participated in the concert

News soon reached the House of Commons about the work of Davenant International. Leading parliamentarian Eleanor Laing MP extended an invitation to the group to visit the House of Commons. They discussed international issues with Mrs Laing. It was an exciting visit they saw Ministers of Her Majesty's Government and Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs came over to greet the Davenant delegation. The students were also escorted on a visit to the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Eleanor Laing MP with the Davenant International Delegation in the Palace of Westminster

International Visitors
Davenant International welcomed a stream of international visitors who flew in to address the student form in 2005-2006.
Clergy from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh flew in to address a DI meeting on Christian Perspectives on Global Issues.
The former Bishop of Northern Uganda, Rt.Rev.Gideon Oboma spoke about Uganda - he recounted his moving story of persecution and his message of forgiveness.
Students from Umlazi School in Durban visited Davenant Foundation School and addressed a DI meeting on school life in South Africa .
The renowned speaker Rev.Paul Harcourt addressed a DI meeting on The Da Vinci Code - Fact or Fiction?
Various international charities have visited the school. Speakers from CAFOD also visited the school to talk about the shortage of water around the world and the work of this charity.
DI students were invited to a Christian Aid exhibition in London.


President: Dominic Conway

Vice-Presidents: Adam Redpath
Liz Elman

Secretaries: Nicola Church
Ellis Dell

Social Secretary: Mandi Prinsloo

Treasurer: Kathryn Greagsby

Assistant Treasurer: Rachael Lee


Jack Compton
Jean Paul Sikking
Michelle Farrow
Sam Johnson
Nicholas Smith
Lucy Messum
Christina Anastasiou
Georgina Anastasiou
Hamish Cronin
Hariette Clauson
Naomi Williams
Adelaide Glover
Isabelle Lindenberg
Lewis Eastland
Philipa Hart
James Kemp
Bethany Bowles
Alice Knowles
Hannah Darling
Rachael Keeling
Hayley Collins
Megan Joyner
Henry Comfort

The work of Davenant International