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The work of Davenant International received widespread media coverage in the United Kingdom and across the world.

2005 - 2006

Davenant International was discussed on the radio in the UK. The popular BBC Radio presenter Chris Bard interviewed Ivan Corea (who was Head of RE at the school in 2005) about the student forum.
The program was broadcast on Chris Bard's Sunday Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Essex. They also featured the Davenant International CD 'Light Floods In' by Nimal Mendis.


Davenant students Nicholas Smith, Lucy Messum, Isabelle Lindenberg together with Head of RE were also featured on Premier Radio's Saturday Breakfast Show presented by Tony Miles and Dave Rose. The students were quizzed on the innovative work undertaken by Davenant International and other activities connected with the school.

The Epping Forest Guardian published several articles on the work of Davenant International. The newspaper featured the launch of DI at Davenant Foundation School in September 2005.
Pupils start international forum
By Tess McDermott
SPEECH-MAKER: Singer-songwriter and documentary maker Nimal Mendis (c)
  • SPEECH-MAKER: Singer-songwriter and documentary maker Nimal Mendis (c)
  • DAVENANT Foundation School has put global issues on the educational agenda with the formation of Davenant International, a forum for discussion and debate run by the students.

    Religious education teacher Ivan Corea helped pupils set up the scheme to increase their awareness of international events and highlight how "what we do in Loughton affects the rest of the world and what the rest of the world does affects us here in Loughton ".

    Sri Lankan musician and BBC and Channel 4 television documentary maker Nimal Mendis was the first guest invited to speak before an audience of staff, pupils, parents, local business leaders and Ilford North MP Lee Scott.

    Mr Mendis, his wife, Ranjani, and son, Paul, discussed their work on human rights issues in South Asia, including the civil war in Sri Lanka, water shortages in Bangladesh and the Tsunami disaster.

    He said: "You're our future sitting in this room. You must make sure you make that difference that I think you can make."

    Headteacher Chris Seward said: "Congratulations the pupils who have really worked hard in getting Davenant International launched and to Mr Corea who worked hard giving this some vision and then making it reality."

    Students received letters of support from Buckingham Palace, the Prime Minister, the House of Commons, House of Lords, political party leaders and the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

    The forum will hold monthly meetings on global issues, with outside speakers and organised debates.

    Next year the school will host a Year 12/13 conference on civil conflict and conflict resolution and in 2007 it plans to send a delegation to the United Nations in New York for a UN student conference of global issues.

    10:03am Wednesday 12th October 2005



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