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Light Floods In
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The international star, Sri Lanka-born Nimal Mendis released a CD 'Light Floods In' in aid of the work of Davenant International in October 2005.


The international star, Sri Lanka-born Nimal Mendis recently released a CD in aid of Davenant International - the new UK student forum of Davenant Foundation School in Loughton, Essex.

Mendis launched the CD in front of hundreds who were gathered to hear him at Davenant Foundation School. The school is one of the United Kingdom's leading educational institutions - in the Top 100 schools. The students have launched a unique forum on global issues - to examine the vital issues of today.

The international star met with parents, business leaders, students and the media who attended the glittering launch in Loughton, Essex. Also present was British Parliamentarian, Lee Scott MP who was the keynote speaker. Scott said he was delighted to meet with Mr.Mendis.

Nimal Mendis has been referred to as 'one of Sri Lanka's greatest singer/songwriters' - he recently played his hits in front of thousands of fans at two concerts in Colombo. Nimal Mendis recorded 22 songs on the Decca Label in London in the height of the 1960s. He also appeared on BBC TV's 'Top of the Pops' singing his hit 'Feel Like A Clown' with Sandra Edema. His songs have been aired over BBC Radio and Radio Luxembourg. He is a film maker of repute and his documentaries have been televised on BBC Television and Channel 4.

On a Decca folk album of Nimal Mendis, Record producer Ray Horricks says "His work combines an awareness of western melody and harmony with great originality in his story ideas, while there is a very exotic eastern flavour about his choice of words. Also he features several unusual rhythmic feelings..."

Mendis was so impressed by the commitment and dedication of the British students of Davenant School that he decided to release a CD to help the school's fund raising activities.

The Nimal Mendis CD contains his hits: Light Floods In, Master Hand, Master Sir, Meditate, Feel Like A Clown (his hit on BBC TV's Top of the Pops), Look into Yourself, Second Chance, It's What I am and Tsunami - the song he composed to remember the victims of the Asian tsunami disaster of December 2004.

For further information on 'Light Floods In' please contact Nimal Mendis on


International star Nimal Mendis

The Davenant International CD - Light Floods In by Nimal Mendis