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Davenant International is launching a series of events and activities this academic year.

Mr.Lennox Morris-Whitehead took over as Teacher in Charge of Davenant International from September 2006.


A highlight of 2007 will be the trip to New York when a large delegation from Davenant Foundation School will attend the UNIS-UN Conference at the United Nations in New York in the United States. Students from the Davenant International group will certainly be on the global stage.

The UNIS-UN Conference is an annual conference organised by the students of the United Nations International School in New York.

According to the UNIS-UN website:

'The structure of the UNIS-UN Conference is designed to provide students with expert knowledge imparted by provocative guest speakers. The conference also endeavours to give students a platform to express and debate their own opinions and views in arguably the most internationally significant gathering place on earth.....'

This promises to be a wonderful opportunity for Davenant students to be fully involved in expressing their opinions at the United Nations and flying the Davenant flag on the international stage.

Davenant International will be organising an inter-house debating competition in 2007 - on a topical global issue. The winner will receive the DAVENANT INTERNATIONAL DEBATING CHAMPIONS SHIELD.

Davenant International activities: 2006 - 2007